Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have just finished a great book by Sandi Patty called Layers. It's about the layers we put on ourselves. We may do this for protection to keep from future hurts. The layers my be invisible to others (an attitude, like not caring, or wanting to fix things) or they may be physical (biting your nails, or layers of fat, eating...) At first we may only need these layers when in uncomfortable or harmful situations and not when we are with those we love, but if we are not careful they can overtake us and we will soon never take them off and eventually begin to identify ourselves by them.

Let's get honest. We all do this. We all have layers. Just in recent years I have noticed that the majority of mine are the third kind Sandi talks about- mine exist in my innermost thoughts. I'm not going to get all analytical on you and start to go into why I do this to myself, but the point is I do. I am my worst enemy. I can take a situation and then verbally abuse myself about it forever. I will tell myself I am ... not good enough, skinny enough, organized enough... or when I have to deal with something is uncomfortable and causes hurt I can totally blow it out of proportion.. "you are awful.. why did you have to say that, you ruined it, you are no good, you never have been, you should have just shut up..."

Seriously... who likes to have those words thrown at them by others let alone yourself?! The more I come to learn that these harmful thoughts are not ME, but my layers, the more I want them OFF. That's when I get to the part of the book I loved... Our Heavenly Father CAN and WILL tenderly, graciously, lovingly help me peel those layers away to find and celebrate the original me He created." Praise the Lord - there is an answer and relief! It is through His word. The more I learn about Him and the more I learn about His love, goodness, grace, and mercy, the more I know that I do not have to wear these heavy thoughts that do not come from the one who made me.

In order to not lose you in the countless paragraphs I could write, I'm going to just end with these two ideas... First... in order to do what I just described above, I NEED to get in His word. I need to let it surround me so when those thoughts threaten to overtake me, I have tools to overcome them. There is no other way around it...Knowing God and knowing his word. Then I can go to those thoughts, know they aren't from my creator and replace them with ones that are... I am dearly loved, chosen, adored.... forgiven.

Second... in our first Beth Moore Bible study we learned 5 phrases that have helped me tremendously.. When I have a problem.. one of them is sure to give me hope.
* God is who He says He is
* God can do what he says He can do
* I am who God says I am
* I can do all things through Christ
* God's word is alive and active in ME!

-Lord Jesus, I praise you for this blog. For the chance to share our hearts with others. Lord, thank you for helping me shed my layers. You, my God are my judge and you are merciful and loving. Let my thoughts be pleasing to you, and when they are not, give me your word to change them. Amen!

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