Thursday, October 28, 2010

Generations ....

Remind me of this with every decision. Generations will reap what I sow. I can pass on a curse or a blessing to those I will never know. Sara Groves "Generations"

I love Sara Groves. In fact, I need to get some of her music on my new ipod. Anyway.. I chose this chorus from one of her songs because I was reminded today about how my actions and words WILL affect my children. They are watching me. ( ok, Grace is, Graham will be soon!) Grace is even starting to copy me. The other day she was in the car playing a game that we play and I saw her take her fingers and wag them in the way I do when we play the game. She also told her 8 week old baby brother not to be bossy (wonder who tells her that often?!). Those are things she gets from me. That's ok..... I'd love her to learn to love to read from me, to get a sense of adventure, a love of traveling, even to share! Those are all great things.

There is something I hope and pray she doesn't get from me.... I desperately want her to have confidence in herself as a child of God, who was created by him exactly how he wanted her. I did not grow up with a lot of confidence. In fact just the opposite. I was so insecure and worried about my looks. I worried that my freckles were too many, my smile too gummy, my thighs... you get the picture. And of course, I'm guessing you could probably fill in one or two of your own... why are we like this?

The last thing in the world I want is for my daughter and/or my son to see me picking apart the body Christ gave me with insecurity. I want them to know that we were fearfully and wonderfully made. I want to pass along a confidence that I know whose I am. I want that to pass for many generations. So.. I need to start sowing now.. I'm going to do that by taking care of my body but not picking it apart piece by unlikeable piece, out loud or to myself.. I'm going to tell my children every day that they are loved by me and by God. I'm going to tell them that our Creator takes great delight in them, just as they are....

What about you? What do you hope to sow for future generations?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkins, Hats, MarioKart, Leaves

I decided to share one of my favorite parts of my life....being an Aunt! I am an "aunt" to several little peeps, but there is one who ranks higher than all of the rest.

Jackson...aka "Dude"

Dude is my brother's son and we have WAY TOO MUCH fun together. He is 8 and loves loves loves his Aunt Dina. Last Saturday we spent the whole day together. It was seriously one of the best days I can remember, very dear to my heart! We went out for breakfast, made Mariokart hats, played Mariokart, went to the Pumpkin Farm, and played in the leaves! I wanted to share some pics with you all....

Jackson in his "Wild Wing" hat (his favorite car in Mariokart)

The hat adds some height!

How tall is Aunt Dina?

Getting ready to go on a hayride!

Playing in the leaves!

God, thank you for this awesome nephew that I get to share life with. He reminds me often that I am loved and that I need to just be a kid sometimes.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Get Out of God's Way!

Hello friends! Just popping on the post a quick thought. At our house, we are preparing for a big week of activity, including a piano book graduation by Alex, Trunk or Treat at church, a karate tournament, Upward evaluations, and a trip to Disney World! whew! Lots of good things going on, but Mom is on overdrive trying to get things done. It's only by the grace of God that I am accomplishing this with little stress so far!

Anyway, something poignant from Bible Study this week--- Sometimes we get in God's way. We literally stand in His way of doing great things in our lives and our family's lives because we continue to live in '"the world" or according to what we want. Our own agenda, per se. Whether it's worry, sadness, disobedience, control issues, holding a grudge... whatever it is we are holding onto... it is blocking God's blessings. We need to have the courage to GET OUT OF THE WAY and accept God's plan for blessing our lives. Not dig in our heels and pout. He will forgive, He will bless, and He will be Himself-- utter greatness like no other.

Believe it, ladies. He will do it if you let Him.

"Now be pleased to bless the house of your servant, that it may continue forever in Your sight, for You, O Sovereign Lord, have spoken." (2 Samuel 7:29)

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's A Girl!!!!

Our family has grown! A little over two weeks ago we adopted a great girl! Jet black hair, beautiful brown eyes, and a sweet personality to match! She is curled up on my lab as it type! So under one roof we now now have two happy parents, one 6 year old girl, twin boy/girl that are three, six year old cat, eight month old rabbit, and now a five year old Border Collie. Oh did you think I meant a child... Ha! I was trying to be a little tricky. Yes, we adopted a dog.

Zoe and I were headed to the store for birthday party decor and favors. When I got this feeling we should stop by the local animal welfare league. I had see a dog who could have been our previous dogs twin on their website. I quickly changed course and pulled in to the AWL. We walked in and located the first caregiver. They walked us back to the runs of dogs. Tails wagging, wiggly bottoms, and happy faces. The particular dog we requested to see wasn't in their run and the caregiver didn't work the day before so she wasn't sure if had been adopted. Before she want to learn more about the missing dog she asked us to walk another dog because the dog was potty trained and needed let out. How do you say no to that?! I couldn't! Make me think of all of those times I reallllly had to use the bathroom but for some reason or another had to wait. Well I wasn't about to be this dogs reason!

Zoe and I ventured outside with this dog named Glory. She went potty as soon as she touched grass. Poor thing really had to go! We then walked her around a bit. Then we saw a fenced in area with doggie toys. We went in and let her run. We had fun chasing her, her chasing us, and playing fetch. I ran through some simple commands with her. She knew all of them. I was perplexed. How is it a potty trained smart dog is at the animal welfare league. I leashed Glory back up and headed inside. By this time the dog we came to see never entered my head again.

I asked the caregivers about Glory and what they knew about her backround. Like so many of the animals they knew nothing. Glory was found with another dog. Both roaming the country. Both potty trained, spayed, and knowing commands. The caregiver explained it's getting more common to find these sweet dogs alone wandering. People are letting dog go free in the country. For many reasons I am sure, lost jobs, lost homes, etc.. All I could say is WOW. My heart broke for both dog and owner. You could you imagine... Openning up the door letting you dog jump out and watching it run as you pull away. Make my heart heavy just thinking about it!

The caregiver informs us the other dog has been adopted. As she reaches for Glory's leash I can't bare the thought of her being "locked up" again. I snap a few pictures with my phone, quickly send them to my husband, and call him. I don't like making quick decissions. I like to think thing through especially life changing ones like bringing home a dog. My husband didn't see a problem with adopting her. I explained to the caregivers and Zoe we would go to the store to do our shopping, then I would decide.

Zoe talked about Glory the whole way to the store and the whole time at the store. I finally gave in and went to the pet store. While we were there I call the animal welfare league and told them my decision. We pick out all of her things and headed to pick her up. We did some quick paper work and she was ours.

She has fit right in! We changed her name to Maggie. I feel very blessed to have her in our lives. We have thought about getting a dog for about four years but knew we didn't have the time to train one. We have been blessed with a dog that fit everything we wanted. I also feel she was blessed to receive a new home!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quiet Time Plans Foiled

Hi everyone! I just had to pop on and share something funny that has happened to me. Last week on my blog post you may remember me complaining about needing an extra hour in the day for some quiet time with God. Well, I decided to be obedient to God's calling and MAKE some extra time in my day. Instead of sleeping those extra minutes, my new wake up time Monday morning was 6:15. Plan was set, ready to go. So I get up, shower to wake myself up, and sit down at about 6:40 for about 15 minutes of focused prayer time before breakfast. But what is that, you say? Two little pairs of feet running up the stairs? Okay, so much for quiet time. Back to the drawing board.

I thought, okay, I will get up at 6:00. So today, alarm goes off at 6, husband and I stumble into the bathroom, he gets on the treadmill, I hop in the shower. As I am walking to the table with my bible in hand at 6:30, what appears in front of me? A huddled mass in blue blanket. aka my 9 year old son. So a new rule was formed in my house: No kids upstairs until 6:45!!! I am determined to have 15 minutes of prayer time to get my day started in the right way.

I will keep you updated on my progress. I know as the winter months come upon us, it will be more and more tempting to stay snuggled under the warm covers. But I am choosing to obey my God, and He will reward me. I can't wait to see the fruits!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Music Heals

I have missed blogging! Sometimes I just get so caught up in the busy-ness of life that things get pushed to the wayside, this being one of those things. For the past three weeks I have been working through some personal stuff and learning SO MUCH about the Lord and myself! It has been healing and revealing and tough all at the same time.

Over the past month I have immersed myself in music. I don't know about anyone else, but music helps me release and heal. There have been a few songs that have really spoken to my heart. I'm wanting to share them with you. Please don't feel like you need to listen to them all, but they are good.....and you might just want them. I have included title and artist (and hopefully a link) for each of them.

I truly believe that God has gifted musicians to display HIS word in a way that reaches into the soul. My soul has been touched and I hope yours is too.

(Directions: copy and paste the link in your browser)

"I Need You to Love Me" -Barlow Girl

"Sweetly Broken" -Jeremy Riddle

"Rescue" -Desperation Band

"Your Love is a Song" -Switchfoot

"Our God" -Chris Tomlin

"He Loves Us" -David Crowder Band

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I had a great week. It was busy and full of travel, cleaning, packing, feeding, bathing, diapering... you get the idea. But it was great. In the midst of the great though.. two things... I spent time with a friend who lost his wife of close to 50 years a few weeks back. I also checked in on a blog I read about a family who had a baby 2 weeks before I did and were going through a tough time as their little guy was born with a congenital heart defect. He died on Wednesday.

So, so much sadness... The first friend- he's so hurt right now and is having such a hard time picking himself up. He sees his sweet wife everywhere. He misses her so. My internet friend is just as heartbroken. She doesn't know how she'll go on. She sees all the places her little guy will never be.

I held Graham a little longer as I nursed him to sleep that night. I kissed Gracie a few more times and I snuggled up to Shane's back a little tighter when I got back to bed. In the blink of an eye, things can change. It's so very hard in times like that to see God's plan. I kept thinking of the song.. "he gives and takes away... he gives and takes away, but my heart will chose to say, blessed be His name" This man who lost his partner, this mama who lost her baby... it's too hard to take... too sad, but in this midst of all this, I'm encouraged. God is still God and He's still on the throne and He's still good. I'm going to quote from this mama's blog...
I know that God's love runs deep. I know that He will give me strength. I know that He grieves right along with my broken heart. I know this is all part of his plan for our lives. But I can't FEEL it. I can't feel much of anything except for this unbearable, unspeakable pain.

Please God, give me strength. I have none left.
While tears fill my eyes for her pain, I'm so grateful that she knows that her God WILL see this mama through this. When she feels that she can't even breath, each breath will be led by him, When the husband doesn't think he can get out of bed because she's not beside him, God will give him the strength.

We all have a story. Each one has ups and downs, happys and sads.... But praise God that he's in each one and that he walks with us, cries with us, laughs with us... He IS our King.

Be encouraged friends.

Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy. In that day you will no longer ask Me anything. I tell you the truth, my Father will give you whatever you ask in My name...Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.

John 16:22-24

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Word of God is for Life!

I am so fortunate to be a part of a great women's bible study at church. I love the ladies in it with me, and in my small discussion group. Just sharing our lives and struggles as we journey with God is so encouraging. We are studying "Annointed, Transformed and Redeemed" (A study of David) featuring the teaching of Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore and Kay Arthur. It is amazing. We did two weeks with Priscilla and just started Beth tonight. I tell you, when I need a word from God (which is all the time!), these ladies deliver it!

I cannot imagine what I would be like if I did not have this Bible Study right now. I am crazy busy with stuff going on-- all good things like taking care of my family, church commitments and ministry, (okay, maybe cleaning the house would not qualify as "good"). I was just telling a friend today that if I just had one more hour in my day......I really need to start my day off with some alone time with God, instead of waiting until the end of my day. I would love to transport myself to a quiet beach for an hour, sit on my yoga mat, drink a cup of coffee and have a good chat with the Lord. Instead, I have a quick word or two while I am hopping in the shower, fixing breakfast, doing hair, loading laundry, packing backpacks, and packing lunches. Not optimal for having some meaningful words with God.

If I did not have this Bible study to keep me in the Word, I would be a ball of stress and anxiety. I would let it rule over me. I would let it dictate my moods, instead of God's promises and truths. God gave us His word for life, to use in life! It's not just some old history that doesn't apply to us now. It is unreal how it can change your life.

I encourage you to find a bible study to do, either with a group or on your own. Reading the Bible is great, but finding a teacher who helps you make sense of it can really open your eyes to the life-changing power held in those pages. I am so thankful for God's word in my life and the freedom He has given me by the power of His Spirit.

I leave you with one of my favorite verses from the book of Hebrews:

For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow. (Hebrews 4:12)

Monday, October 4, 2010


So last week at MOPS (for those of you who don't know its an amazing time mothers of preschoolers to get together and socialize, craft, learn, and become closer to God. It is a BLESSING!!!)anyways... we had our whole meeting dedicated to safety. We made emergency kits for our kids which was very extensive including fingerprints, hair samples, and even saving the child's old tooth brush for DNA. There was a detective there speaking to us about different dangerous things children and teens are doing now and what signs to watch out for. He talked about the Internet, child predators, older children being predators, scams, and on and on and on. Those of you that were there know what I mean. Don't get me wrong he was very helpful and knowledge able.

As I left my MOPS meeting I talked with other moms and my close mom friends. We said our Goodbyes and I was off to pick up my little ones at preschool. The preschool is only a few minutes away, located in my home church, where my oldest went for two years, and I am the vice-chair of the preschool board (I know fancy title, right?! Ha!). All the parents pull their vehicles into a line and the teacher brings the kids out one by one for safety reasons. I pulled my truck into the line. In front of me is a burgundy car I had never seen at pick up, I saw the yellow safety pick up tag clearly, and a man inside. As the parents are collecting their children they pull away and the next car pulls up. Pretty soon it is the burgundy cars turn to collect their child all of a sudden one of my closest and dearest friends daughter starts to head out to the car with the teacher. I am thinking...NO!!! I just left and her mom was still at MOPS!! I am STRESSING!!! I think surly this is a mistake the teacher will reread the name tag and realize its a different name!!!! The teacher opens the car door. At this point I have my hand on my door to open it!! I have a plan I am going to grab a big rock form the flower garden and hit this guy in the head with it. Your not kidnapping that baby right in front of me and get away with it!!! Just as start to open my door I see it! Or should I say him... A reflection in the rear view mirror... it was... HER DAD!!!! He was driving a company car. I was sooo happy but boy was my heart racing!!!! Its racing now just writing about it! I collected my kids with out a word to the teacher of my thoughts. My first opportunity I called the little girls mother and explain how I almost bashed her husband in the head with a large rock. We both apologized and laughed!

Later I realized I got so overwhelmed with afraid and careful during our MOPS meeting that I over reacted. Well, thankfully I didn't get a chance to reacted or "could've been embarrassing for a lot of people." So said the girls father!

In that short window I forgot God! Seriously! I wasn't trusting in Him, if I would have been more focused on God and trusting his plan I would have know who the man in the car was when I pulled my car into the pick up line!!!

So now that I am refocused, and calmed down... You may laugh!