Monday, October 18, 2010

It's A Girl!!!!

Our family has grown! A little over two weeks ago we adopted a great girl! Jet black hair, beautiful brown eyes, and a sweet personality to match! She is curled up on my lab as it type! So under one roof we now now have two happy parents, one 6 year old girl, twin boy/girl that are three, six year old cat, eight month old rabbit, and now a five year old Border Collie. Oh did you think I meant a child... Ha! I was trying to be a little tricky. Yes, we adopted a dog.

Zoe and I were headed to the store for birthday party decor and favors. When I got this feeling we should stop by the local animal welfare league. I had see a dog who could have been our previous dogs twin on their website. I quickly changed course and pulled in to the AWL. We walked in and located the first caregiver. They walked us back to the runs of dogs. Tails wagging, wiggly bottoms, and happy faces. The particular dog we requested to see wasn't in their run and the caregiver didn't work the day before so she wasn't sure if had been adopted. Before she want to learn more about the missing dog she asked us to walk another dog because the dog was potty trained and needed let out. How do you say no to that?! I couldn't! Make me think of all of those times I reallllly had to use the bathroom but for some reason or another had to wait. Well I wasn't about to be this dogs reason!

Zoe and I ventured outside with this dog named Glory. She went potty as soon as she touched grass. Poor thing really had to go! We then walked her around a bit. Then we saw a fenced in area with doggie toys. We went in and let her run. We had fun chasing her, her chasing us, and playing fetch. I ran through some simple commands with her. She knew all of them. I was perplexed. How is it a potty trained smart dog is at the animal welfare league. I leashed Glory back up and headed inside. By this time the dog we came to see never entered my head again.

I asked the caregivers about Glory and what they knew about her backround. Like so many of the animals they knew nothing. Glory was found with another dog. Both roaming the country. Both potty trained, spayed, and knowing commands. The caregiver explained it's getting more common to find these sweet dogs alone wandering. People are letting dog go free in the country. For many reasons I am sure, lost jobs, lost homes, etc.. All I could say is WOW. My heart broke for both dog and owner. You could you imagine... Openning up the door letting you dog jump out and watching it run as you pull away. Make my heart heavy just thinking about it!

The caregiver informs us the other dog has been adopted. As she reaches for Glory's leash I can't bare the thought of her being "locked up" again. I snap a few pictures with my phone, quickly send them to my husband, and call him. I don't like making quick decissions. I like to think thing through especially life changing ones like bringing home a dog. My husband didn't see a problem with adopting her. I explained to the caregivers and Zoe we would go to the store to do our shopping, then I would decide.

Zoe talked about Glory the whole way to the store and the whole time at the store. I finally gave in and went to the pet store. While we were there I call the animal welfare league and told them my decision. We pick out all of her things and headed to pick her up. We did some quick paper work and she was ours.

She has fit right in! We changed her name to Maggie. I feel very blessed to have her in our lives. We have thought about getting a dog for about four years but knew we didn't have the time to train one. We have been blessed with a dog that fit everything we wanted. I also feel she was blessed to receive a new home!

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