Monday, October 4, 2010


So last week at MOPS (for those of you who don't know its an amazing time mothers of preschoolers to get together and socialize, craft, learn, and become closer to God. It is a BLESSING!!!)anyways... we had our whole meeting dedicated to safety. We made emergency kits for our kids which was very extensive including fingerprints, hair samples, and even saving the child's old tooth brush for DNA. There was a detective there speaking to us about different dangerous things children and teens are doing now and what signs to watch out for. He talked about the Internet, child predators, older children being predators, scams, and on and on and on. Those of you that were there know what I mean. Don't get me wrong he was very helpful and knowledge able.

As I left my MOPS meeting I talked with other moms and my close mom friends. We said our Goodbyes and I was off to pick up my little ones at preschool. The preschool is only a few minutes away, located in my home church, where my oldest went for two years, and I am the vice-chair of the preschool board (I know fancy title, right?! Ha!). All the parents pull their vehicles into a line and the teacher brings the kids out one by one for safety reasons. I pulled my truck into the line. In front of me is a burgundy car I had never seen at pick up, I saw the yellow safety pick up tag clearly, and a man inside. As the parents are collecting their children they pull away and the next car pulls up. Pretty soon it is the burgundy cars turn to collect their child all of a sudden one of my closest and dearest friends daughter starts to head out to the car with the teacher. I am thinking...NO!!! I just left and her mom was still at MOPS!! I am STRESSING!!! I think surly this is a mistake the teacher will reread the name tag and realize its a different name!!!! The teacher opens the car door. At this point I have my hand on my door to open it!! I have a plan I am going to grab a big rock form the flower garden and hit this guy in the head with it. Your not kidnapping that baby right in front of me and get away with it!!! Just as start to open my door I see it! Or should I say him... A reflection in the rear view mirror... it was... HER DAD!!!! He was driving a company car. I was sooo happy but boy was my heart racing!!!! Its racing now just writing about it! I collected my kids with out a word to the teacher of my thoughts. My first opportunity I called the little girls mother and explain how I almost bashed her husband in the head with a large rock. We both apologized and laughed!

Later I realized I got so overwhelmed with afraid and careful during our MOPS meeting that I over reacted. Well, thankfully I didn't get a chance to reacted or "could've been embarrassing for a lot of people." So said the girls father!

In that short window I forgot God! Seriously! I wasn't trusting in Him, if I would have been more focused on God and trusting his plan I would have know who the man in the car was when I pulled my car into the pick up line!!!

So now that I am refocused, and calmed down... You may laugh!

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