Thursday, September 30, 2010

They are....

Ok, I've been MIA because I've been sitting in a rocking chair nursing a little monkey! Graham is doing great and is now 10 1/2 lbs!!!

As I sit in the nursery in the middle of the night... I have lots of time to think and pray. I know without a doubt that I am much more emotional at night. But I thought of this and want to share.

I am incredibly blessed. I can do a post a day for months on end and never get to the end of my blessings. But one great one that I want to share about today is the ladies who write on this blog. When I moved here I never imagined having such loving, satisfying friendships. But I do. So ladies of Glow... get ready to be embarrassed. :) I want everyone else to know how great you are.

First.... Shannon Y. I met Shannon at church one Sunday when she was sitting by Kristi. She and her family had just started coming to church and they jumped right in. Shannon attended our first women's retreat and has been involved in almost everything else at church ever since! I've seen Shannon give and give and give. She puts her family first and does all she can to make sure that her kids are growing up to be thoughtful, loving, adults. She and her husband have made themselves vulnerable as we shared in our small groups getting to know each other better. I know without a doubt that she's there for me whenever I need her. And she's super creative!!

Kristi.- I met Kristi when I was helping with Upward 3 years ago. I remember "cold calling" the Beer family to ask her to help with concessions. Then a few Saturdays later we were both working the stand and tentatively asking each other get to know you questions. What came from that was a commitment to do ministry together- through Bible Studies, retreats, and Upward. Kristi has become a kindred spirit, (to borrow from my favorite Anne of Green Gables!) and wonderful friend.. She will always remember an event in my life and make sure to text me or call to check on me. She has great advice for a new mom (and I needs lots!) and has even blessed us with some great hand me down clothes from her kids. Kristi is a great example of a mom trying to raise her kids to love Jesus with all their heart and I love watching her go through the process.

Judy- I met Judy through Monica and let me tell you that both of them have provided much laughter and smiles in my life. The Wilsons are a loving family and if you don't know them- you should. Judy is one of the hardest working ladies I know. She gives 100% in all she does and even goes beyond. She's creative (ever seen one of her vignettes?!) and she cares about women and children's ministries. I know from watching her with her family that they are number one in her life - another good example for me.

Dina- I met Dina through church and Upward- but when I was dating Shane they were both coaching MS girls basketball so I actually remember seeing her at games! :) Dina is real, honest, open, and awesome. She wears her relationship to Christ out so everyone can see. I love her honesty. She's not afraid to admit when things are bad, hard, or just plain stinky. But she's also the first to praise God when things go right. Her hugs are universally known (if not that, then definitely nationally!) and she's got a great voice that praises His name. Her love of kids again, is an example to me. I watched her coach Upward last year and was taught about how to love all kids through her actions.

Ok... I hope you learned something today about my friends. They've been on my mind these last few weeks as I've been a night owl. I'm so very thankful for them and for others that the Lord has placed in my life. I think we all have friends like this- sometimes it just takes stopping to think, reflect and realize who they are.

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  1. So, I just read this (I'm a little behind in my blog reading). I have tears. Thank you thank you thank you for this. I love you and the compassion you show, the honesty that you have, and the fact that you don't try to "fix" things. But you take everything to the Lord in prayer and worship. That is something I have learned from you. And you know how to laugh and have a great time! Love you Shannon!!!!!!!! ((((((HUG))))))