Thursday, September 16, 2010

Answering the Call!

Ladies, ladies, we are at Henderson Settlement right now, as I speak. (or type!) There are six of us here - three are going to work in the beauty salon and three of us are going to the worksite. We had a flat tire on the way down which turned out pretty good, considering. We sat on the highway for a little more than an hour. Luckily, we had roadside assistance so we just had to call and they got someone to come help us. Funnie thing is, it was a woman that came to change our tire and we then went to a Walmart and bought a new one! We made it in time for the evening program which starts out the week right. There is a guy here named Jerry that is in charge of the workcamps and the projects that is so much fun to work with. He is very entertaining and makes it fun to come here to work.

Every evening they have some sort of program. Monday night they talk about the settlement and all the different programs available. They also talk some about the poverty level of the area and try to give you an idea of what the local people are up against. Well, someone asked Jerry how long he had been at the settlement and he kinda got serious. He told about growing up coming to many of the same programs when he was a kid, working here as a teenager, and then in college having a plan to do something else but that God had another plan. It was just so moving to hear his testimony and he had to stop a minute so he didn't cry himself. He is just such a neat guy. He tells us each time we have a meeting that the workcampers are really appreciated. But this night, he got very serious. He talked more about the impact of the workcampers on the community and how much it meant to the staff at Henderson, too, since most of them are local people that are struggling also.

I'd imagine you might have realized by now that I love this place. This is our 5th year coming as a ladies group and I've come with a few other groups different times. We are having fun and also getting work done. The gals are busy in the beauty salon. Kathy is cutting hair, (She thinks about 50 so far, in two days!!) Sara is giving manicures and wax treatments, and Cookie is washing hair, and laundering the towels, etc. Kris, Shirley, and I had three sides done siding a 12 x12 shed, and worked on the front this morning. Now we're at the more difficult part but we have two more days so I'm sure we'll get done. It is neat to hear about all the other groups work also!!

It all makes for an interesting week. Lots of times you realize that you receive more than you can possibly give. I think ultimately that God has His plan for each of us and that's why we are here!! Maybe you'll come with us sometime!!?

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  1. Judy, I love hearing your excitement from Henderson. Praying it was a wonderful trip!