Monday, September 6, 2010

God's Wonders

Well Ladies I am TIRED!!!!

It is Labor Day and boy did I Labor! My husband and I have a list and we are attacking all of the left over home improvements that need to be done before it gets chilly out. I know who wants to talk about it getting cold out right?! I have been so busy the last three day I haven't had a change to step back and see the Captivating World we live in.

My brother, Jason, was on a fly fishing camping trip that he does with some buddies every year. I love getting text messages from him especially beautiful pictures. Jason has a talent for photography. Some of the pictures he send just take my breath away. This weekend I was knee deep in sawdust and paint an he sent me a few pictures I thought I would share with you.

I looked at these picture and thought...Wow God is Amazing! I was so driven to get everything done on my list and through my wonderful brother I got God's reminder to stop and enjoy the wonders of His world!

I pray all of you have had a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend. I also hope you had a chance to soak in the beautiful environment that God made.

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  1. Great pictures Shannon and a wonderfu message about our amazing God! PD