Monday, September 20, 2010

Go Be Jesus

Hey Ladies! I had this great blog on my mind all day and now I have something weighing on my heart.

I just have to say I really missed not blogging last week. I am sorry I didn't but I was feeling emotionally vulnerable. A week ago last Sunday was the one year anniversary of my dear Mother-in-law's death. It is hard to believe that it has been a year since she lost her fight against cancer. I feel extremely blessed to have had her in my life. Over the years I came to understand how lucky I was to have a mother-in-law who I cherished and she feel the same for me.

Kim was many things and love was probably the greatest! She loved many and was loved by many. That is something I want for myself...I want people to know I love and cherish them. I never want people to walk away from a conversation with me and not know that I valued them. A lot of times I don't know what to say or how to start the conversation but I am working on it. There is so much hate and negativity in the world why not be someones sunshine in all of the rain?? One smile at a stranger in the supermarket could change their whole mood! I like to set personal goals when entering stores...I am going to smile at ten people and see how many I can get to smile back. I have some friends that tell the youth at church "to go out there and be Jesus today." In short that is what I am challenging you to do! Go out let people know they are special even if it is just a smile to a stranger.

God Bless!!!


  1. Thank you thank you for your uplifting post! I needed to hear it. ( I love your pics by the way!)

  2. Thanks Kristi I'm glad you liked it! That is another picture taken by my brother. One of my favorites!!!

  3. I agree with Kristi, Shannon - I also really enjoy your posts and they speak to me in a very real way. Thank you for sharing.