Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hi everyone! One of the bloggers I follow traveled to Guatemala recently in conjunction with Compassion International, and she wrote about her experiences there. I want to encourage you to read her posts, especially the one titled, "A Whole New World". As I sat at my computer yesterday and read the post, tears were flowing.... and I am not an emotional person. And then I signed up to sponsor a child, a little girl, in Guatemala.

It is so easy to insulate ourselves from what goes on around the world-- heck, who wouldn't want to? It is agonizing to see pictures of families living in a garbage dump. But Jesus wants us to feel that pain, let it soak in, and then do something to help. Giving them hope....

We sponsor a little boy, William, in the Dominican Republic, and now Glendy, age 6, in Guatemala. It is such a rewarding experience to not only write the letters to our sponsored children, but also to receive their letters back to us. And my children love writing to them and drawing pictures for them. And praying for them.

Here is the link to Amanda's blog through Compassion. Will you please read it and then prayerfully consider sponsoring a child? Offering that hope for a better life, and a life following Jesus... There is no better gift you can offer a child living in poverty and desperation., or

or Compassion blogger website:

My hope for you is that these stories touch your heart like they did mine.

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  1. They touched out hearts as well. Thank you for spreading the word about the Compassion trip. :)