Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hello! I am emerging from my baby world to say hi and tell you that we have been so thankful for your prayers. Although he had a tough first week with jaundice that would not go away, resulting in another hospital stay, Graham's doing great now and we are home and learning how to be a family of 4.

My week with Graham at the hospital was interesting. It went from a super long labor in which I was so tired to me just being the mama watching him in the room, still being so tired! I had Shane bring me my Bible up but my brain was/is not into reading right now. Instead I found myself shooting up short little one liners to God. I know that He heard those just as much as he would have heard a formal, fancy, scripture filled prayer. I have a new found empathy for parents of sick babies/kids. I had just the slightest glimpse of that world and it's not easy. In fact, being sick or in the hospital at all is hard- no matter what the age.

So- I'm counting my blessings today- I am thankful for
- my family- a healthy baby boy, a super supportive husband, and an inquisitive loving daughter (who has found her way of adjusting is being bossy!!!)
- a wonderful support group. Friends bring meals, praying for us, checking in on us, you name it. We are blessed.
-wonderful hospital care- Graham was so loved on while he was in the hospital. It made me so happy to see him doted on by all.

And, I know you are anxious for these so here you go!

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  1. Shannon, he is beautiful and you're right -- you are blessed!