Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Kristi's post was great this week. If you haven't read it please take some time and go back and think about her writings.

We are home today... no major plans, which ended up being good because Grace got the flu! Praising God for quick healing (that I know is coming) and for a quiet day to rest- and for tacos! (what we ate today!)

I'm also thankful for you. God has taken me on a great journey these past three years- with marriage, kids and a new church. Many of you who read this blog are a part of that and I'm so grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS- any of you braving the stores tomorrow? If you are, please leave a comment, or if you read this afterward tell us where you went and how it went. I'm headed out sans children with a few girlfriends and can't wait!!!

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  1. I am NOT going near a shopping mall tomorrow:) I am a Black Friday wimp! Hope you all get some great deals!