Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Christmas in July

My children love Christmas. Not only in December do they love Christmas, but the entire year through, they LOVE Christmas. The love to listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas DVD's and read Christmas stories. At first, I was a bit annoyed by the year round Christmas festivities in my household. I mean, listening to Dora's Feliz Navidad in July is a bit of a stretch. And Caillou's Christmas -I have memorized every song. Jason and I have even made up alternate lyrics that keep it interesting.

When we are in the car, we all like to listen to my ipod, which has a wide variety of music. All spring and summer long, we have been listening to Transiberian Orchestra, Linus and Lucy, "Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and "Joy to the World" by Faith Hill. I love all of these songs, mind you, but when I really craving some David Crowder, Caroline asking to hear "It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas" is a bit random.

However, as I was driving down the road one day in July, blaring "Joy to the World" with our windows down (the people at the light next to us thought we were nutballs!) I realized that I had a great teachable moment with my children. How great is it that they want to celebrate the birth of our Savior every day!!! And sing it unabashedly in the middle of summer! In the fast pace of our modern world, the miracle of Jesus' birth gets pushed into a few weeks after Thanksgiving and mixed in with a lot of commercialism. The wonder and awe of God's perfect gift to us should be celebrated every day. I am thankful to my children for showing me my narrowmindedness. We truly should become like little children!!

My prayer for you today is that you wake up every day in awe of God's gift to you and praise Him !
"Joy to the World, the Lord is Come. Let earth receive her King!"


  1. Kristi, This brings back 'fond' memories of when my kids were little. Besides the fact that I like to leave my Christmas tree up for a long time (I'm just abit embarassed to say sometimes had to get it down before Easter! We'd stop turning on the lights after Jan) I always kept some decorations out all year long to remember, too!! Merry 'Christ'mas!!!

  2. THIS WAS A GREAT POST! Christmas is seriously my favorite holiday for so many reasons. What a great lesson for your kids too...and you. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad to know I'm not the only crazy out there that loves Christmas music year-round.