Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm behind

Sorry ladies! I'm behind. This week I've been helping out in the camp office in the afternoons. I'm SO good at making my days completely booked! We are also down to just Shane's computer so I am left with posting at night or first thing in the morning.

Last night was the last night I shared with the campers about situational poverty. It was the best night of all I shared. I felt like I had it down, like the kids were receptive and it was just all around good. Now my prayer is that the Lord will take what they heard and move them along in what they can do about it. (MOVE me too Lord!) Then I'm praying that we will all be ready to listen to that still small voice.

A funny story I forgot to share last week..... I was getting ready to talk to the first group. It's a solemn moment you know? We are all ready to talk about these tough situations. Our groups are meeting outside and I have a table down near the lake. I started talking and about 3.5 seconds into it.... a bird pooped on my hand!!!!!!! I'm so not kidding. All the kids starting eewwwing. All I could do was say gross and wipe it off in the grass and then keep going! Seriously. Gross. But thank you God it wasn't my head!

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