Thursday, December 10, 2009

A challenge

This post goes along with Kristi's. How do we keep the real meaning of Christmas alive? Have you thought about it?

I was talking with a girlfriend yesterday about this and she shared a wonderful idea. She went to a cookie exchange with her sister in law. We all know the idea of a cookie exchange... go there with some of your own and leave with lots of different kinds. This was the same with a little twist. Instead of each of the ladies bringing home a ton of cookies, they each were able to fill two tins and also a plate. The idea of the tins was that they were to give them to someone who needed some holiday cheer, but more specifically needed to know the reason we celebrate Christmas was because God loved enough enough to send His Son. It was the beginning of everything. So in addition to a pretty tin of cookies, they included a note that specifically shared this amazing truth. It was beautifully written and so very loving and clear in explanation.

I love that idea. So much that I tried to think of how we could all meet and do it! Unfortunately I think my Christmas plans are about maxed out. So instead I'm challenging YOU! Can you be purposeful about sharing the reason we celebrate Christmas? I make a lot of Christmas goodies for family and friends but I often only share them with those I just mentioned. When I heard about this idea, two or three families came to mind. I am going to make just a little extra to share with them this year but that's not where I'm going to stop. I am also going to write them a little note just like my friend's. Giving cookies is wonderful, giving hope and joy is even better.

Have you already done this? Can you think of a way to share God's blessing? If you do, please share with us. We can all encourage each other!

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