Friday, December 18, 2009

The Greatest Story Ever Told!

Christmas. It's coming, fast.
I don't feel like it though.

*There is no snow - which I am actually happy about.

*I don't have a tree up at home - not there enough to spend the time putting it up/taking it down.

*I haven't bought any presents and I only have one to get - Dave Ramsey tells me I am not allowed. Don't know who Dave is? He controls my financial life...well actually he is teaching me how to control my own financial life. Check him out

*I didn't send out any Christmas cards - Dave's fault again.

*I haven't seen any promotions for A Christmas Story on TV yet. This is my all time favorite Christmas movie and also an incredible memory as my family and I spend hours upon hours watching this movie on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...we have been known to schedule various events on these days based on what parts of the movie we have seen the most! I probably haven't seen the commercials because since we don't have cable anymore I get two NBC channels and a CBS...

As I thought about all of these things,
I thought,
yeah, ok, Monica, so what?

Maybe you have also let your heart forget that it's not about decorations, or presents, or movies (although I am pretty sure that Jesus watches A Christmas Story all day, as part of his Birthday Party of course), or cards, or anything other earthly thing you could imagine. It's about

We are amidst the season where we get to celebrate because God sent His Son as a tiny infant, to save the world. I am so thankful for this reminder today.
Praise God for who He is and that He sent His Son!
Thanks for the awakening in my heart today. I am so excited to Celebrate the love story that you wrote for all of us thousands of years ago. Jesus, the Birthday Countdown is on! Help me keep focused on what this season really means for me! Ahmen

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