Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Living Proof Live

Ok.. I know that this post will only really affect a few of us but... we are just about a week out from heading to Grand Rapids to a Living Proof Life event where Beth Moore and Travis Cotrell will be speaking and sharing worship. There are about 20 ladies going with us (and one brave man who will drive our bus!) and I can't wait.

Life is in fast forward for us right now. I am so looking forward to just... sitting and listening and soaking in His word. I do believe that God speaks to us all the time and we only need to listen but for events like this, we often seem to take that pause to really hear Him. That's what I plan on doing. I'm having to "choose" joy more days than not lately and I am so ready to just have that joy flood my heart.

And for you ladies who aren't going? We still want to spend time with you and our great God. Look for info soon about our fall Bible study. It's going to be fabulous and we want you there!

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  1. A big thank you to you and Kristi for planning this trip! I (and I know many others) appreciate it and are looking forward to it. Actually this is Cheryl - my granddaugher was on my computer and now it says Olivia! I think I like seeing her name :)