Thursday, May 27, 2010

Out on a Limb Part 2

Oh Ladies- if you went on the retreat- I had so much fun with you! If you didn't, we missed you! :) This was truly a God filled weekend. I was trying to tell my husband about it when I came home and I ended up all over the place and finally said "let me get my notes!" I'm pretty sure he wasn't interested in a full on hours lesson but he got an earful anyway!

If you'll indulge me, I'm going to recap some of my favorite points, and I'll try not to hit every single one!!!

- One of the main points of the weekend came from a fable in Judges chapter 9. It was talking about how the trees were looking for a ruler. They asked 4 different kind of trees- each one representing something that rules us-
-The Olive tree- we can often choose/have our religion rule us. I'm not talking Christianity, but religion- the dos and don'ts so to speak.... But we know that got says "The LORD your GOD is your KING!"
-The Fig tree- indulgence- in anything- food, people, alcohol, anything
-The Vine- intoxication- anything that makes us feel different or gives us a manufactured gladness
-The Thorn Bush- we all have thorns or difficult things in our life and often times we can let them rule us- it can rule our moods, relationships, even our homes. This was huge for me- I do this so very often. I will take something that is just that- a little thorn, an prick in my side, an annoyance and let it control my day or my thoughts!

The other major thing I got from the weekend was the fruit that my life produces. I am trying to ask myself often about the things I'm doing- "does that produce good fruit in my life? Will doing this show good fruit?" I so want my life to be filled with things that please Him. Beth said what goes into us GROWS out.
Gals, you made me so happy by indulging me on my eyes closed picture!
we love Max!
Look at all these women praising our great and mighty God! I know he was honored last weekend by all the glory and praise going to Him..... Wow is all I can say. :)

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  1. The closed eye picture makes me giggle everytime I see it!