Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lots of Joy

We have had a busy few days here at our house. I want to share some of the joy over the Memorial Day weekend. I savored every moment!

First of all, it was one of the best Memorial Day weekends weather -wise that I can remember! praise God for the sun and the warmth. Our eventful five days started on Thursday with Caroline's preschool graduation. This is here before the ceremony, all dressed up.

This is Caroline with one of her best friends, Zoe. She has been blessed with some great friends and amazing teachers in preschool. Aren't their caps so cute?

On Saturday, we got together with some friends for a bonfire in celebration of Jason's birthday. I thought this picture of the guys roasting hotdogs was funny. It looks like they were posing for a catalog or something. Ha! It was such a beautiful night, and we had lots of fun hanging out friends, eating great food and enjoying good conversation.

On Sunday, we hung out with some of our best friends who come down to the lake every summer. Our kids have grown up together, and they were SO happy to see each other. Here are the girls hanging out on the boat. (Sadie and Caroline)

And here are the three amigos on the wild tube ride. (Alex, Nate and Cabe)

On Monday, we just hung out around the house and enjoyed being together. Alex got a kayak from my in-laws as an early birthday present, and he loves exploring right in front of our house.

I am so thankful for this past weekend. I LOVE summer, and it was a perfect kick-off to it getting to spend time with friends and family. I really tried to relish those little moments and thank God for his creation, for those around me, and for the good times. Even when our boat battery died, and we were floating aimlessly in the lake with no help around, the kids turned it into an adventure we will never forget (we did make it back to shore!)

I hope you all had a great weekend as well. I am going to have a guest blogger a few times in June when I am out of town, so stay tuned for Shannon Y.'s posts! (Zoe's mom!)

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