Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love, the first of the fruit of the Spirit...

Well, well... here it is the middle of another busy week. I enjoyed Shannon Y's post in for Kristi. I should have thought of that. It is neat to hear all the different perspectives of all of our lives. I'm sure most of those of you that read this blog would have similar things to say. Be sure to comment and email when you feel so inclined to share your thoughts. That's what this blog is all about!!

We started a study this week in church about the fruit of the Spirit and they had a short video of a very cool lady that goes to our church. I hope many of you got to see that video! She spoke about 'love' which is the first one talked about in Galations 5 : 22-23. It was very interesting to hear her thoughts. She talked about the love of her blended family and the love that she found in the church. I've worked closely with this lady in the past at our church. Her love for her family, her church family, and for others is very evident. She is a true blessing to people she comes in contact with.

She shared a story about herself as a little girl when she was always peeking into the basement windows of the church next to her house and the Sunday School teacher came out and invited her in. She shared about the first Sunday coming to our church after her and her husband had married and blended their two families together. How welcomed and loved she felt.

I share this because in October, 1988, almost 22 years ago this same lady called and welcomed Mike and I and our four children to the church in much the same way that she spoke of. She was the church secretary at the time and called visitors the week after they were in church for the first time. We were new in the community, had both been raised Methodist, and had been attending a Methodist church in our old town so automatically came there. But just like she had felt so welcomed so long ago, we were welcomed, loved, and drawn in by that love we also, found. I was somewhat overcome hearing her share, knowing that God did the same thing for me and my family that He did for her many years earlier. I hope and pray that I have been that welcoming person to others by sharing His love. That is the really awesome thing about Jesus, He will help us to love others with His love, sometimes even people we don't think we can love. And He helps others to love us even when we are at our 'unloveliest'. ( Is that even a word?) I pray that we can focus on God so He will show us all where we can show that love.

Dear God, Thank you for your love, it is so amazing. You love us unconditionally. Help us to be more like you every day. Amen.

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