Sunday, June 20, 2010


Ok, I had the busiest, craziest week but it was wonderful! We started our weekend with a trip to Mackinaw (hubby and I) and then when we drove down to get my daughter from my parents, we also brought back my niece and nephew for the week. After getting home and unpacking, some dear friends who are missionaries in Haiti came for the night on their way through town with their 5 children! We had a wonderful visit with them. I love catching up with friends from Haiti. We could have picked a better day, when we weren't just getting home, or when we didn't have family visiting, but for me, any of my friends from Haiti are family and I'll always make time for them.

Yesterday when our company left yesterday... we CRASHED! It was great to have family and friends visiting but it's also great to just be home... just us. I worked hard all week with extra people in the house and found that I didn't take any time for myself- or time for God. I'm starting a new Bible study this week (can't wait to share what I'm learning!) but I'm starting off on the wrong foot... playing catch up. that's not how God meant/means for us to study his word. So I will commit to you on this blog to stay on top of my time with Him this summer and to report back to you what I'm learning.

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