Friday, June 4, 2010


Summer is here! I'm so thankful for this past year and I am so thankful for summer. Remember my working on the railroad post? Well... I can see the end of a few commitments and some actual down/family time coming my way. I'm working on protecting some days and time for my family this summer. It's hard because I'm a "yes" lady. I like to help and hate to disappoint but I know that my time will soon be filled with a baby's cry, nursing, diapers, and sleepless nights so time with my family is precious. (that is- good, quality family time)

As a few of my commitments wind down (babysitting, the retreat is done, and a few more) I can look back and see how I need to keep my priorities straight and remember that all I do is for HIM. If I'm working as if I'm serving the Lord, not men, then that changes my attitude quite a bit you know? I'm really going to try to keep serving Him as my #1 and just plain old being busy out of the picture.

One of the ways I'm hoping to stay on track is by keeping in the Word this summer. I'm looking forward to doing a Kelly Minter Bible study. I like that focus that keeps me on task and target. I know I'll need to be grounded in the Word before my family grows by one more!

What are your plans to stay "fruitful" this summer? Any ways we can help/hold you accountable? We'd love to hear from you- as always you are more than welcome to post a comment - give it a try, you can do it!


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