Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have you ever asked God to trip you?

Hi All!

My name is Shannon Y and I am writing for Kristi while she is away. A little about me... I am married with three children. Zoe is 5 , Hank and Ella are 3. I enjoy any type of crafts I can get my hands on. I recently started playing flat track roller derby.

I have a friend, Jayma, from a different roller derby team who we invited to come to a practice to give us some pointer. As Jayma and I are putting on our protective gear she says I keep telling God.. "God if I start to showboat trip me." Wow! I love that thought! Her purpose for coming to the practice was to support women in a sport she loves not boosting her ego. Since that night I have been saying the same prayer but in different forms. God if I start to stray off your path please trip me. God if my eyes fall off of you please let me fall on my face.

We recently went on a retreat to see Beth Moore as a lot of you know. The morning before we left was crazy at my house! I still needed to pack, list out the rules for my father who was watching my children till my husband came home that afternoon, feed my children and myself... you get the idea.

I kiss everyone goodbye and jump in to my husbands little black truck. I am so focused on getting to the bank before meeting everyone at church. Seriously! I'm focused on the bank! I'm about to go on this amazing journey with wonderful christian women and I'm thinking about the bank! That was my first problem. My second was the state police officer going the other direction turning around with his lights on! Uh-Oh! You see while I was so focused on the bank I was also speeding. Without another thought I pulled over and for just a minute I started thinking... "This little sport truck just got away from me, Yeah that's what I'll tell him. I'm a girl he'll believe that." Crazy huh?! I think so. I have my window down, my licence, and registration out ready for the officer. He walks up to my truck, "Ma'am I stopped you for speeding. (Yes Sir) I clocked you at 51 in a 30. Where are you headed in such a hurry?" Honesty spills out of my mouth. "I am on my way to a ladies church retreat." As he returns to his car I try to wrap my mine around what just happened. Then I smile God just tripped me!

Soon the officer returns, gives me a warning, and sends me on my way. Wouldn't you know I made it to the bank and got to church early. So I sat in my truck and a bit of quite time with God. I gave Him the praise that I had so easily forgotten, the honor he so deserves, and my focus!

Thank you Lord for tripping me!

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