Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days

Three days of being snowed in.

A mama, a toddler, and a baby.

A daddy gone all week.

What did I learn? I learned how to shovel our driveway so as not to hurt my back. I learned that the news doesn't have to be on 24/7. They say the same things after a while. I learned that Martha (Martha Speaks on PBS) can always save the day. I learned that bedtime for Jr. should come earlier than 8pm. I learned that I am not good with willpower- staying out of the kitchen. I learned that I MUST follow a schedule or else I will get sucked in to the internet, or Oprah or whatever. I learned that we are born to need community and that God gave us community so we can encourage each other. I've learned that I need that community!

Last Sunday I was sitting at our kitchen table, my hands holding up my head. I had been up with Graham many many times the night before. I was tired. My sweet mother in law, who was visiting, encouraged me to just stay home from church that morning and rest. (My MIL LOVES Jesus- she was just looking out for me, knowing it would be a busy week). She reminded me I could worship at home through a video, internet, or ipod message. I was so tempted. A day home with my hubby and yoga pants? Lovely. But.. there was something else. Yes I could have listened to a sermon at home. I could have played some amazing worship music but I needed more. I needed that community. I wanted to share smiles with others, to greet my church family and to worship together. There is something so .. I don't know.. uplifting? about it. Anyway, just wanted to share that. If you don't have a community where you can worship together... go find it!

And here is my 3rd verse :)

Shout for Joy to the Lord, all the earth
Worship the Lord with gladness
And come before him with joyful songs
Know that the Lord is good. It is He who made us and we are His.

Psalm 100:1-3a

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