Sunday, February 27, 2011


to whomever reads this.. I am sorry I cannot get my act together to post more regularly!


Finished 1000 Gifts this past week. Have you bought it yet? GO NOW. Go to amazon or wherever and buy it. It's so so good. I know it will be good for anyone but for me, it was like.. "YES! This is what I need!" I need to be reminded to practice being thankful for all things. I love how Ann Voskamp writes so honestly and so .. real. She is a mom, a wife, a teacher, and a child of God. She shares her honest struggles with finding thanks in daily life. What I appreciated was her admitting that is it a daily struggle. To have an attitude of being happy/content/thankful with where God has placed you. Sometimes we have to stop and refocus.

I started my own thankful journal, like Kristi did and it's been neat! Getting up at all hours of the night with a baby that should be sleeping and I sit there and thank the Lord for moments of holding a precious little guy that will fade fast. For little fingers that wrap around mine. When I look at the piles of laundry sitting my floor that should have been folded on Friday and it's now Sunday and it won't happen today either and I thank Him that we have such abundance that I can have extra clothes sitting around and a washing machine and a dryer and even the space to stick them. When I put on those jeans that are just washed and want to have a little hissy fit that the weight isn't coming off and why not and can't it happen faster I have thanked him that he gave me a body that can carry a baby and that I can exercise and move it and thank him that jeans now have stretch to them.

Today we are celebrating the end of a fantastic Upward basketball season. It's been another awesome journey to see God at work. So many times this season I have teared up. God is so good. In the craziness of planning and finding time to get it all done I have thanked him for extra help for the kids, encouraging texts, extra hands that step in and do the little jobs that do add up, kids who cannot help but smile as their names are announced, and cannot help but jump up and down as a basket is made or a cheer is finished.

God is good. I will keep this journal up and hopefully like Ann start my journey into true thankfulness. :)

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