Friday, November 27, 2009

It's starting...

I thought it was pretty appropriate to talk about the Holiday season starting on this Black Friday. First, I need to take this chance to tell you that people who have been up for hours shopping...I think you're nuts. But I suppose to each their own. I am not a big shopped anyways but I am a gift giver. I get it honest, my mom LOVES to shop but mostly at Christmas because she loves to give gifts too. There is something about the look on a gift reciever's face when they open the perfect present. I know that God feels the same way when He sees a person accept His salvation and start to live for Him. What an amazing God!

However today I am focused on the fact that because of what time of the year it is: The Holiday season has begun. You have started to see Christmas decorations go up, candy, decorations, and Holiday scents for candles have been out in the stores for weeks now, people are starting or finishing their shopping... I think as Christians we have to be careful about how caught up we get in that part of Christmas. I want nothing more than for each of you to have a blessed Holiday sesason, surrounded by family and loved ones, experiencing that fulfillment of a person opening the perfect present, getting some things you have been waiting all year for, but mostly I pray that today and each day this Holiday season you will take time to be surrounded by God, to remember what present He sent so many years ago to each one of us. It's time to prepare our hearts to remember that Christ was born on Christmas...afterall, He is the Reason for the Season. And what a better way to start than being Thankful for all that He has given us.

I thank you so much for all that you have blessed me with, I am certainly not worthy. Thanks for sending Jesus as a little baby to grow and save the world. I praise you for this time of year: a time to focus on family and to focus on you. Please help us each day of the year and especially in this time remember that you love and care for us. Prepare our hearts once again to remember the birth of Jesus. You are an awesome God and we love you! Amen

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