Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mary Anne

Ladies! I was supposed to have this done THIS MORNING! The day got away from me. For those who noticed.. I'm sorry. For those who didn't... read on!

I'm choosing to share today about a dear friend and mentor who has helped grow my faith. Her name is MaryAnne and we worked together in Haiti for two of my four years. I met MaryAnne my third year in Haiti. It was my second year teaching second grade. MaryAnne came to our school to teach science, but her background was also in administration among many other areas of education.

My immediate thought about MaryAnne was- wow, she's got guts! She was in her mid 40s (I think!) and had two boys in the States, but felt the Lord calling her overseas. She jumped in Haiti and immediately began to get to know the culture. For some, that's hard, as exciting as it sounds, even if you chose to go there. Yes, I was living there too, but I was a just graduated college student with no major attachments at home and I'll admit, I was also a bit naive about life and living overseas. She learned all she could about Haiti and gave every bit of her energy and love to the students she taught.

MaryAnne taught me so much about education, about being a good teacher and giving my all to my students but she taught me so much more about faith and a walk with Christ. Her faith is her driving point. It's what keeps her going and it's obvious. She does not mince words and I think that was what helped me grow the most. You know those days, those moments when you want to have a pity party for yourself? Well, often when we do want that, we find a friend to commiserate with us. I tried that with her a few times. Did not happen. I remember one day after getting a frustrating email from the States, I shared with her how upset I was about a situation. She looked me square in the face and said "does this person have a personal relationship with Christ?" I answered no and then she said "you cannot expect someone who has a broken leg but does not even know it, to walk a mile with you. It will not happen." My first thought was to find a new friend to talk to! But then I realized the wisdom in her words and they have stuck with me ever since. That is one example of many during two years of growing and learning under a woman who lived her life for Christ.

That time in my life was one of tremendous growth. I am so thankful that I had a dear friend who was strong enough and brave enough to tell me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. Our paths did not cross for long but I will always remember her as my mentor in education and my faith. I strive to be a friend like she was/is to me and though it's hard I think about how much I love and value her and pray that God will use me in ways like that to glorify Him.

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  1. Thank you for sharing that!! What a life-changing experience Haiti must have been!