Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jesus Came Home With Me!

I'm continuing with our little theme from last week....people of influence. I just really wanted to share about a few others, so I'm going to. I don't know if the other girls will do the same, but here goes.....

Three amazing girls taught me how to bring Jesus home with me. I didn't grow up in a Christian home, so Jesus was never really "at home" with me. Jesus was like the guy that I would sneak around to see - at church, at my friend's house, at my youth pastor's, but never at home. I had a great home don't get me wrong, but Jesus was not a part of it.

In April of 2004 I moved to Goshen. I moved into the upstairs apartment of a house. Downstairs lived Darcy, Alice, and Erin. I had known Darcy from school and met the other 2 through her. I had been up there to hang out and was attending their small group (which on any given night could have anywhere from 10-25 people). Anywho.....the upstairs apt. in their house was vacant so they convinced me to move up there.

I loved it! I was on my own for the first time. I had 3 friends to hang out with. I was involved in being young and single. Life was good. And it just got better. Jesus was a part of that house. We would pray together, talk about God, keep each other accountable, host small groups, sing worship songs, laugh, and just share what God was doing in our lives. Sure, it wasn't always easy with 4 females living in the same house, going to the same church, sharing the same group of friends, but it was a time in my life that I am forever thankful for.

I learned SO much from those 3 girls about myself and about Jesus. I decided after living with them, that no matter where I lived, Jesus would be in my home. And he has been.

This summer I bought a house, MY VERY OWN HOUSE! The first thing I did was pray over each room. Why....because those 3 girls taught me too. There is a ton more that I could say about each of them. Shoot, I could dedicate one post to each of them. But, for now, this is what I'm remember about their influence.

Jesus, thank you for living with me. Thank you for Darcy, Alice, and Erin and the impact that each of them have had in my life. Thank you for their love and amazing friendship through some great times and some not so great times. Thank you that you place them in my life! You are amazing!

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  1. Oh dina.. I love you! I could go on and on about what you have taught me! I love you!!!