Friday, February 12, 2010

secret admission

It's Friday. I usually post on Wednesdays. I missed that one and I was planning on posting yesterday but here's my secret. My hubby is out of town. I had my little one plus one more all day yesterday. My plan was to post last night but I got her down for bed, cleaned up a bit and then got in bed and watched the two hour Survivor premier. So nothing of worth got accomplished last night.

BUT... I want to tell you about what we ladies who write on here are going to be doing for the next few weeks! Beth Moore just released a new book called So Long Insecurity On her blog Living Proof Ministries she is going to have an online discussion every week. Although we'll be a little behind (we just ordered the books and they're starting next week) We decided to join her. We'll be sharing our insights here too. You can go to this site to find a retailer to buy the book if you want to join us So Long Insecurity We got ours from Borders (and got a great deal!) Please take some time to go and check out Beth's blog and also the book site. We are very excited to try this!

If you think you'd like to participate with us, please leave us a comment below. We'd LOVE to know who is going on this journey with us!

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