Friday, March 19, 2010

I gotta tell ya

I haven't even started the book. I am sure that Beth would have something to say about this! :) I checked in real quick last week just enough to let you all know that I was around but crazy. I am no less crazy but it's really good crazy!

- I have started a new part time ministry job at Warsaw First United Methodist Church as their Director of Children's Ministry. It is a great church and so far I am really enjoying serving with the people there.

- I moved. My room mate and I found out the last weekend of February that we were going to have to move and as of March 13th we were out of the old house. There was a lot of drama involved in the move and I really dislike packing and cleaning stuff...however, I love unpacking and setting up a new place. We are really loving the new place and ultimately it's a much better fit for us!

- I am getting ready to leave on a short mission trip with some ladies from the North Webster church. We are leaving on Sunday for Henderson Settlement in Frakes, KY. We will be setting up a salon for the local people. I have done this type of trip a few times and I am really looking foward to some time to serve and get out of the daily routine.

So as you can very well imagine, I am lucky that I still know where I am and where the book is! :) I will be packing it on the trip and hope that I can get a jump start on reading it! I know that insecurity is a huge struggle for me! I am anxious and nervous about the works that God wants to do through me in regards to insecurity. But I really love a good book. Hopefully next week I can join the incredible discussion that is happening on the topic.

I am proud of my partners in this blog. They each seem to really be digging into this book and I know that isn't easy! I love each one of you whether you are a writer or reader!

Thanks for change, and thanks so much for all the blessings you have given to me! I at times feel overwhelmed and always feel so inadequate; yet I know that I am yours and you have a plan. I am trying to seek you in everyday. Ahmen

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  1. I am very glad to see you are still kicking. I was worried for a while :) Just kidding!
    I hope you're enjoying your trip and can't wait to hear about it when you get back!
    God bless!