Thursday, April 1, 2010


We all have stories of insecurity. We all have had times when it rages against us. I know I've had more than my share of them. I wanted to share one this week with you.

I was talking to a loved one this week. She'd had a very tough day. She'd gotten a bad haircut. Ladies we can all understand that can't we? Seriously. Who hasn't had a bad haircut? I know that some of you are nodding your head right now, thinking of that day of tears, of horror- a bad haircut. I also know that a bad haircut is always WORSE in our eyes. It really may be a fine haircut but a little smidge off here or there or a little too short, a little to red... and we're a mess.

I did my best to console the unhappy haircut girl. She was miserable and so upset about the thought of going to work looking the way she did. As she was talking I thought of this book and thought... oh, how I wish she could read it and begin to see her insecurity for what it is. That she is MORE than a haircut and that her coworkers, friends, and family love her for more than how her hair looks. That God loves her unconditionally.

Fast forward 3 days. It was happy haircut day for me. Now let me give you a little background. I have 3 best friends in Michigan. These girls are amazing and we have a history that is long. I don't get to see them as much as I wish but I know they are always there for me. And that includes hair. J- is a hairstylist and has been cutting my hair for 14 years. (when she started school and I was the practice model... some v. interesting colors and styles!!!) We are at the point now where I don't have to tell her how I'd like it cut I just sit in her chair and she just... goes. And when it's done.. perfect!

Just one problem... remember when I said that she lives in Michigan? Yeah... two and a half hours wasn't that difficult to arrange when I was single. Every month or so I'd pop up, have a girls night, get a mini makeover and head back home. Well... a husband and a baby (and a budget!) later.. it just doesn't happen like that. So... I'm breaking out of my shell and trying a new girl. I've gone to her a handful of times. The first time she had to completely think I was a freak! The insecurities were raging!

Fast forward to Wednesday. I go, get pampered, and instead of asking for just a little trim I give her a little more freedom. Aaannnnndddd..... I don't like it. I got a bad haircut. I know you all would tell me it looks fine, and probably not that much different but to me it's glaring.

Here's the success part of the story. The day after I tried to do it- not pretty. I looked in the mirror and realized I had two choices- I could be miserable and upset or I could take my own advice I gave on Sunday. I gave it a break then went back into the bathroom did a little touch up and gave myself a good ole "make Beth proud" pep talk. What my hair looks like doesn't change who I am. I am who God says I am- not what my insecurities shout at me at a moment like that.

So I fixed up my new "do"... smiled at my reflection and walked out. Hair grows. It's a small success but I'm taking it proudly. :)

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