Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Mother's Perspective

The kids were out of school Monday for a snow day, and we had a great day together. When the schools get closed, I know that the day could go either way-- it will be fun and enjoyable for all, or the kids will be really happy to get back to school so they can come out of their rooms.....

Anyway, God blessed us with a day of listening ears, good spirits, a patient Mom, and fluffy white snow. I tried to relish the moments because I know soon enough, they will be too cool to go sledding with Mom. They will be more interested in their friends and not what game we can play together. They won't carry on conversations such as this:

Me: I distinctly remember telling you to put away your Legos, Caroline.

Caroline: Stinkley! Who's Stinkley????

Me: Nevermind. Just put them away please.

These little snippets of time I will remember always. I tuck them away in my heart to cherish and look back on.

This time of year, I think about how Mary must have felt giving birth to Jesus. Loving Him as a son, but knowing that He was the Son of Man, the savior of the World. How amazing! I wonder what it was like watching Him grow up, live a sinless life, minister to the lost, and die on the cross.

I heard this song on the radio today, and I wanted to share it with you. It brought me joy listening to it, and then watching the video someone made on Youtube. Mary's perspective.....All part of God's great gift to the world.

(Go to the next blog entry to see the video! I couldn't figure out how to link it to this post!!)

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