Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions....

Do you make em? If so, do you keep em? :)

I am not much of a New Years Resolutions girl, but I do like to have goals and I LOVE (yes, all caps LOVE) to make lists.

The Hartmans are busy. We like to be busy, and when we are not busy we soon find ourselves something to add to the mix to stay that way! (ok, so maybe my hubby doesn't like to be busy all the time but I enjoy having things to do and prepare for!) I have a few things I'm going to try starting this year that I hope will help keep us organized and on top of life and be helpful. But I am not going to make them my resolutions. Nor am I going to "resolve" to lose all this baby weight. Not that I don't want to, not that I am not going to. I just don't want to make it a "resolution"- I'm protesting I guess. :)

Here is what I am going to be diligent at this next year though. Three things- I'm keeping it simple with three.
  • 1)exercise 2-3 times a week, at home or the gym, or even walking
  • 2)keeping track of our family budget, specifically groceries. Try to keep under the grocery budget
  • 3)Memorize 2 Scriptures a month. It's hard to find good quiet time having two little ones and still getting up 2-3 times a night. I'm going to work on memorizing Scripture as my main study.

Now, because I love reading blogs and because I think they are great and I like to share I'm going to give you both websites that I hope to help me with my resolutions, er I mean goals, I mean things. :)

I read Money Saving Mom on a regular basis. She gives great help at deals for shopping, how to use coupons the best, and how to save save save. She and her husband saved and paid CASH for their house. That is no type-o friends. c.a.s.h. One way to help her readers was to share a link to a 2011 Savings Tracker. She did all the work so you just copy it, save it, then put your receipts and budget in and it adds up your spending, your savings, and helps you see if you are on budget. Go here to check it out. If you end up trying it please let me know. I saved it on my desktop so I will stay on top of it each month.

Next is Scripture Memory. Do you all read Beth Moore's blog? If you don't, stop reading this... go to her link on the right, read it a while, then come back here. Ok, now that you are all caught up..Isn't that great blog? Anyway, she wrote a few days ago about her 2011 Scripture Memory Challenge. Go here to read it.

I am very very excited about this. I really want to get some scripture in my heart- so it starts flowing out towards of me and will give me daily perspective as well as help my family. Like she says you can never go wrong in memorizing Scripture. Ever. So I ordered her memory book and I'm ready to go. I am even dreaming of a trip to Houston in Jan. 2012 to celebrate memorizing for the year! (my hubby doesn't read this so I can do just that.. dream!)

Go here to order your own memory book. It's very affordable! Don't worry if they are still on backorder (can you believe that over 6,000 ladies have committed to memorize?- how powerful!) you could buy a little spiral one from cvs or walmart and still do it with the team. Think of how awesome it will be in a year from now to have 24 Scriptures captured on your heart!!!!

Ok, so if any of you lovely ladies try either of these two things, please let me know, I'd love to encourage each other!


  1. I started the scripture memorization a couple of months ago. My problem is, I memorize the scripture but I have to hear the first word to remember it. In other words, I don't always recall the scripture when needed! I'm praying that the more I memorize, that the Holy Spirit will bring them to mind when I am facing various situations. I've used a spiral for a few years but I like the idea of 24, 50 (store-bought) gets pretty thick!

    As far as weight, I agree - I'm still trying to lose my baby weight also :) I've even thought that maybe a support group - just to discuss, not to "diet", would be beneficial. I've read some great Christian books about weight control (although as you can see, I haven't applied what I read!) but it might be encouraging to discuss a book as a group.

  2. Cheryl, I'd love a "support" group? Do you suppose meeting at Consegna and Coffee for lattes and a cookie would defeat the purpose? Just kidding! :) Happy New Year!

  3. Great idea! Meeting there could help us develop our ability to resist temptation! I wonder if others would be interested?

  4. I am fully committed to the SCripture memory challenge! I started it last year and didn't get too far. Could we somehow have an accountablity group on here?

  5. Sounds good to me! Could the people interested post their scriptures?

  6. absolutely, let's go with the schedule posted on Beth Moore's blog. The first and the 15th of every month. If you have a verse you are working on let's hear it! If anyone needs help learning how to post a comment let us know!!!

  7. Whatever happens conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Phil. 1:27