Thursday, December 2, 2010


Kristi's last post inspired me. God is enough, but when I get to those moments .. those awfully hard moments... will I be ready to lean on those simple words? Hmmm,

In that light, I'm working on preparing my heart for Christmas. I LOVE LOVE Christmas. I love the lights, Christmas trees, warm drinks, you name it. I spend lots of time preparing for Christmas. We put up the tree weeks in advance. I make presents lists that I want to buy others, I make grocery lists, I bake lots of goodies and I plan out our family celebrations.

But I have never (and I'm not proud of this) prepared my heart for Christmas. I've never walked myself toward the birth of Christ. One of my priorities these past few weeks has been to spend consistent time with God. It's been very good.

I'm reading an Advent Devotional by Ann Voskamp this season. Todays reading was about Noah, specifically the Lord destroying the earth because of the wickedness of man. What I love about these readings is that they are going to walk us from the beginning of man to the birth of Christ. In today's reading she shares about God having such a tender heart that we can imagine the flood being his tears of sorrow at such a sinful world his loved children were living in. Noah and his family had to cling to the ark for life. "God the Father was sending His Son Jesus on another piece of wood and we cling to that Son for dear life".

I'm so thrilled that God is opening up some new thoughts on his love to me. I'm happy that I'm finally preparing myself for Christmas fully.

What is a tradition, or something that you do to prepare yourself for the birth of our Savior?

Let the countdown begin!

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