Friday, July 16, 2010

Bear With Me....

Bear with me... that seems to be my motto as of late. Bear with me as I'm waddling behind you trying to catch up, bear with me as I have little (or no) patience with my family. Bear with me as I get winded bending down to pick up a forgotten toy. Bear with me as I have to make yet another bathroom stop. And bear with me as my "to do" list is growing and yet nothing seems to be ending. :)

I got a good glimpse of this "bear with me" when camping with my extended family last weekend. We were about an hour into everyone being there and I was barking out orders and directions and telling the kids to stop this and that... My sweet husband looked at me and kindly said "hey pregnant lady, why don't you calm down a bit". After a self imposed time out, I had an attitude adjustment and enjoyed the rest of my weekend.

All of this to say, please bear with me! I realized last night I needed to post but after a full day, I had nothing... then today... well, let's just say my two year old tested her limits today. They had to do with a pen in the car (think dash board and seats AND door) and a package of beer bread mix all over my living room.

I do know what I need- some good ole quiet time! I'm so looking forward to church on Sunday to worship and get some time with my Lord. I can't wait. And while I do wait, thanks for bearing with me friends.

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