Monday, July 12, 2010

Where's My Routine?

I am such a routine-oriented person! It is probably the toughest part of summer for me (being that I am a teacher and have the summer "off"). I like having more freedom to do stuff, but I miss my routine. It is rather sporadic in the summer. There are a few things that are routine: Monday and Wednesday I work for my dad, Monday afternoon I lead a girls' Bible study, Tuesday morning I meet for breakfast with a former youth, Wednesday morning I have women's Bible study. Those are the routine things for me.

I noticed this morning, as I checked Facebook and updated my status, that I also try to make a daily nap part of my routine. I love naps, thus I squeeze them in wherever I can. I also know that I make time every day to see the guy I am dating. Also I am trying to fit in prep for my Bible studies, reading time, school work (which has yet to happen), and sun time.

This morning I realized something. Do you see what is missing from my routine? It can creep right past me, but you may have caught it.....


Where is the world is it? Oh I spend time in the Word, for Bible study. I meet with peeps and talk about God and what he is doing in my life. But, I struggle to take time to be STILL. I don't make one-on-one time with God part of my routine. If you ask me, how does this happen? How does a routine person not make time alone with God part of that routine? Why is God the last thing on the list?

What am I going to do about this you ask? First, I get mad at myself for not making quiet time the first thing on my "to do" list. Second, I go completely on hold with God. Finally, I come crawling to him, desperate for HIM!

However, this time will be different. This time I am going to go directly to HIM! I am going to begin putting God in my routine, just me and HIM.

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