Saturday, July 31, 2010


What a day! We had NO plans for this day.... it was WONDERFUL! We ended up doing things around the house and getting ready for baby. Gracie had a bit of a tough time adjusting to baby things not being hers but she ended her night well with lots of smiles.

I was excited for this weekend. My family all home and just being together. It's been nice even though we've been working on stuff. The weather even cooperated! Now on to my next task.... to have a Sabbath. I've been caught up lately, as I've written, in being busy and doing things and now that is starting to slow down, I need a Sabbath. By that, I don't necessarily mean a day of total rest, but I do mean a day with my Lord. I need a day where I don't pick up a novel, but instead my Bible. I need a day where I turn on the praise music instead of Elmo.

I'm feeling the need to nest and clean and get ready for this little man coming but I'm also feeling the need to refocus on God and my relationship with him. So... my Sabbath starts in just a few. I'm gonna go to bed and take my Bible and journal and go to town. I love writing down my thoughts/ prayers to God. It just seems to flow so much better and also helps me focus.

Praying you all get a Sabbath this weekend or if not, that you'll take one soon!

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