Monday, July 26, 2010

Here It Goes!

Hello All!

I am excited to be back! I have been asked to blog on a regular basis and I am so honored!

I know in previous posts I have told you a little about myself but let me tell you a bit more. I went to a "farm" school and I am sure that is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE FARMS! Anything to do with them! I am amazed how much work farming is and how some people have never seen a cornfield. Cornfields are my favorite, I love to watch them grow. I have fond memories of playing in cornfields.
I love for the past two years how interested my 5 year old has been about the farming. We have talked about the very first job God gave to Adam was farming and how Noah was a greatest farmer of them all. He had to be! Seriously think about it! Noah had to build a floating farm! Most important our Good Shepherd.
One story she and I both enjoy is of a beautiful stock of corn. How it grows from a little seed, thrives during the heat and storms. All the while it stands tall and beautiful growing toward the sun.
Does that sound familiar? I identify a lot with it. God has planted us, His seed and no matter how many storms we battle in the end we are still growing tall toward the Son.
I pray all of you are growing tall toward the Son today!

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