Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What I Love About Summer...... take 2

Last summer I wrote a post about all of my favorite summertime things... and since school is starting very soon, I am starting to feel nostalgic about summer again. So I thought I would do a yearly post of my favs of summer. So here it goes.......... (and some of these may be repeats from last year!)

*the smell of sunscreen
*my kids' rosy cheeks and brown arms
*driving down a road surrounded by corn
*fresh corn on the cob
*flip flops
*getting everyone out the door without worrying about coats, hats, and boots
*floating on a boat in the lake watching the kids jump off the side
*summer camp!
*the smell of cut grass
*elephant ears
*lemon shake ups
*grilling and not having to use my oven
*goggle eyes
*flip flops (oh wait, I already said that! I love flip flops!)
*driving my family around the golf course
*never being cold
*ice cream
*spending more time with my kids
*lazy mornings in pajamas

I am thankful for every season that I get to experience on this beautiful Earth God created for us. But I am especially thankful for summertime. What are your summer favs?

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