Monday, August 30, 2010

Amy's Storm

Hello Ladies! I am posting my beautiful friends testimony she gave last Sunday in church! I hope you are moved by this as much as I am!

My major storm rolled in on October 2, 2009. My husband of 14 years decided he wanted to be single and moved out of our house. I was enrolled in school full time and working a part time job here at the church. I was completely shocked and blown away. In 68 days, my divorce was final, I no longer had health insurance. and I was on my own with two teen boys. This shock set my world into a thunder storm.
That same October, my mom had a horrible kidney infection she didn't know she had for three months. She ended up in the hospital with a septic infection that invaded her brain. She was having episodes of delirium and was extremely sick. My mother is my best friend and this was another blast of thunder in my storm. I couldn’t imagine losing her after just losing my husband.

In February, I had to give up my job here at the church to finish my schooling with full time externships. Living on my tax return and child support, I knew I had just a certain amount of time to get things done and get a job. I am a good with money, so I knew I could do it and just how much time I had to do it in. I was confident I had it all figured out.

Since now I was certain God was not on my side any longer, I gave into Satan’s grasp and lived a life of self destructive behavior for a while. I became a daily purposeful sinner, almost mocking God with my behavior. I was still attending church during this time, just not ready to give up the new supportive friends I found here. I also wanted to keep my boys active in the church but I was not getting much out of it.

THEN, Pastor Dave started preaching on the Fruits of the Spirit. He was speaking directly to me, he was telling me how to get my life back on track. I listened and each week thought, yep, I need to do that. But each week I didn't. Finally after hearing a few things, one, something my brother said and two, the sermon on Self Control, I realized it was TIME to get back in God’s will.

My brother told my mom I was a hypocrite for being a purposeful sinner and still going to church, and my mom told him, "That’s exactly where Amy--and all sinners--belong." I also realized I was not being a good example to my children, my family, and everyone else I came in contact with. I needed help and I realized that only God could bring me back from this mess.

I made a promise to myself that I would stop my self-destructive behavior and had a great new Christian friend who helped me daily by checking on me and making sure I was still being true to myself.

Things were going well for me, I thought the storm was lifting some. I was wrong, Satan was still at me. Thunder and lightning were still in the storm. Although I am going to thoroughly enjoy being in the medical field, the main reason I chose it was the promises of always having a job. But I graduated from school and couldn’t find a job! I sent out over 100 applications and resumes for jobs from South Bend to Fort Wayne. Early on in my job search, I was offered a job at just above minimum wage but the hours would've kept me away from my sons at night. As much as I wanted and needed a job, my job of being a good mother comes first.

I had a few interviews, even second and third interviews. Each time, I would get my hopes up only to be crashed down in the rocks by the huge waves of the storm. Two or three of those jobs I wanted sooo badly! I In desperation, I claimed Matthew 7:7, "Ask and it will be given to you." I boldly prayed that scripture, asking Jesus to give me the job I wanted that week. And then another disappointment--still no job, money running lower and lower, panic getting worse. I just couldn't understand why God wasn't answering my prayers! About the same time, I realized I was still being a purposeful sinner and I was so very unhappy with my entire life. So I knew it was time--time for me to give my life back to God, time to work hard at seeking God's will for my life and living within God's law. The first few days were extremely hard! Obviously the devil wanted me back. (GRIN!) But each day it got a little easier to be in God's will.

Ten days ago my money ran out, my house payment was due and my car needed repairs--I had to jump start it every other day for weeks if I needed to go somewhere. I had to get government help with food, I had to get some paper supplies from the food pantry. I felt I had fallen about as low as I could go. Then my tire completely blew out and with no money, all I could do was drive on the little donut tire. I didn't know how I would get out of town safely if I actually did get an interview. All I could do was pray. And then great friends came forward and put two new tires on my car. My mom loaned money for the mortgage and to fix my car. She even gave me her car to drive for the week or so mine is in the shop.

I am not a good receiver.

It is much easier to give than to receive, that is just such a TRUE statement! My mom kept telling me I had to let these people help and that really humbled me. She said I was cheating them out of the joy of helping. I still don't like receiving the help, but I think I have a little less pride now!

Every single day for two months I was calling and checking on all my applications, going on interviews, putting in apps for new job listings, even at Menards! Here I was, with two college degrees and I couldn’t get a job, not even at Menards! What a loser I was!

Then last Sunday at church, after another great sermon on Storms, about 40 people gathered around me to pray for me. With hands laid on me, prayers being raised high, and tears streaming, I let these people love on me and send an appeal to God to take the storm cloud off of my head and open up the skies and let the Son shine down.

Within 24 hours, I had a new interview. Then two days later, a second one...and a third, all with the same company. The district manager wanted to interview me and she was going to be out of town for two weeks so they hurried things through so I could meet with her before she left town. Two hours after that interview I was offered the job! It's not just a job, either. It's something I love doing, the pay is way better than anything else I was ever offered and it comes with great insurance. I believe this is the power of prayer in action! This was not a coincidence, this is GOD at work!

It took me getting my life in God’s will, lots and lots of prayer, being humble, losing my pride, and allowing others to help and pray for me before God could see his reflection in me and pull me out of the fire. ALL PRAISE BE TO GOD!


  1. Awesome testimony. So true...
    Thank you for sharing. This post came at the perfect time for me to read.

  2. Amy, your testimony was so moving. Thank you for having the courage to share.

  3. Praise God for working in our lives, for grace, for a church family, and for YOU Amy, for being diligent in believing that if you cast all your cares upon him, he WILL see you out of the storm. LOVE YOU!