Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well, just finished a busy week at VBS which turned out AWESOME! We had the usual craziness but that's to be expected and actually, kind of enjoyed. Did I say 'enjoyed'?! YES! It has to be a little crazy with so many kids running around. (big and little!) We showed God's love and got alot of it in return! Planted lots of seeds for God! Learned right along with them. I think that's why I like VBS so much - we get reminded of what an UNBELIEVABLE GOD we serve. HE LOVES US UNCONDITIONALLY!! AMEN!! HE has given us so many things that are here for us to enjoy! Like KIDS, for instance!

I got to thinking about that...what else I enjoyed at VBS...

At VBS, it is always fun to see how things all go together. How many people doing small tasks change the church into whatever it needs to be. We had some cool trees, used grass skirting all over the place, I mean, grass skirting on something is just plain fun!! We had ants made out of styrofoam balls painted black with florescent antenna. We had two plants with florescent stems, flowers, and leaves!! We had a monkey hangin' from a vine!! And two kinda lame waterfalls!!

Then we had neat people to lead the classes and each group. The teachers that spent their time after finishing one day getting ready for the next. There's so much, I know I can't tell about it all and will pro'bly forget something really awesome. It is also neat to watch the kids cause so many of them are sharing God's love with others and are so happy to be there and then to tell others what they are learning.

I was also thinking about some random things that I'm thankful for and think are awesome about VBS.....
youth helpers!!
adult helpers that have helped for years - also, the new ones!!
Mildred Gray's sugar cookies - with or without icing!!
our church janitors - that come to the church to sweep and clean extra!!
anything florescent - paper, pipe cleaners, pom poms!!
little kids and glue- well, maybe not!!
kids remembering their bible verses - from all week!!
Joyce, in the office, doing whatever needed - pro'bly on short notice!!
making toucans and capuchin monkeys!!
all the people helping to make the end of the week party extra fun!!
seeing willing youth helping knowing they were the kids a few short years ago!!
remembering past VBS weeks - all the people, themes, and fun!!

It's over til next year but not forgotten. Also reminds me that life can be like VBS if we let it. I need to just remember that when I get too busy or let adult things in life get to me. God wants us to have the faith of a child so remember your favorite VBS and smile!


  1. Judy, you are right it was a great week! And you did a fabulous job decorating EVERYWHERE! I was blessed to be able to be a part of it (and to catch that duck at the backyard bash!! ha!) your crafts were memorable and so much fun. thanks for letting God use you in such a busy/full/awesome way.

  2. Judy- I have had so many comments from people about how awesome the crafts were! I know my kids loved them! thanks for loving on the kids last week!