Monday, August 23, 2010


"Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart." Proverbs 3:3

This is my favorite bible verse right now and I am trying to "drill" it into my head as my dad would say. As a lot of you know last week was my oldest daughter, Zoe's first day of kindergarten. Soon my youngest, Hank and Ella, will be going to preschool. It is hard for me to let go of their little hands and let them "walk alone." I know that God is always with them and I need to have faith that when my hand is letting go His hand is still holding on!

What is it that makes it so hard to just believe that God has it all under control? Is it because God isn't a physical being walking around saving the world like superman? When I was a child I knew my parents had everything under control because I could see them fixing and doing things. Now as an adult I am learning everyday to let go and my Father has it under control. I can pray all I want but in the end He knows what is best.

I want my children to learn at a young age that God has a plan for them and that He is with them at ALL times. My husband and I wanted Zoe to have a reminder that God is with her on the school bus when she hears conversations that are to old for her ears. When she meets other children from different walks of life and when she is faced with trying times. We chose a necklace, a beautiful cross with a small heart on the bottom of the cross. Zoe was very excited the first day of school after she was all ready for the bus we gave her the necklace. We explained to her that God was with her now, God is with her when she rides the bus, and God is with her at all times. The necklace is a reminder that when you need the strength to say no or walk away God is with you!

I walked Zoe out to the bus and away she went. When I picked her up from school. I asked her how her day was and of course she had a million 'n one things to tell me. I told Zoe I was relieved because I was nervous. Zoe said I was nevous too but Jesus was with me. She was right! God is with us ALL!

I hope you all feel that God is with you no matter what storm you are going through in your life! We may not understand the storm today but someday those clouds will disappear. We will look to the sky the sun will beam down on our faces and we will understand the purpose of the storm.

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  1. Oh Shannon, what a beautiful post. You always bring a tear to my eye and make me wish I could start all over again raising my daughters. They turned out great (not due to me but because of the mercy and grace of God!) but I have learned so much and would do many things differently. Your children are very blessed to have you for a mom.