Sunday, August 8, 2010

I want to SCREAM!

What keeps us from shouting about God?
What does a life led by the Spirit look like?
What should the church look like?

Welcome to my big thoughts of the summer (and they are still continuing). Through camp, a music festival, jr high girls, discipling a young woman, a new dating relationship, and daily life these questions have been heavy on my heart and mind. I am learning so much. I am being challenged in my walk and my life!

This title is the best way I could verbalize what I'm feeling on the inside. With all that I am learning and seeing, I just want to scream. How can I be so blinded by the world? How can I not see the need in the community I live, work, and worship in? How can I continue every day not wanting to pour out the love of Jesus on every single person that I come in contact with? How can I begin to live more intentionally, with integrity?

I believe, with all that I am, that we go through seasons. I am definitely in a season of fire. I am fired up for God. I am fired to no longer be content. I am fired up to reach people for Jesus. I am fired up to continue in this season and meet Jesus, face-to-face, in my everyday!


  1. Thanks for sharing Dina, I can wait to hear/read more about your journey! Praying for you as you get ready for a new school year!

  2. Awesome! Your enthusiasm is so contagious. Love ya!