Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Stories

Upward kicked off last week. It was amazing! Now I know that I am a woman, therefore emotional, but when those first teams ran out and huddled around for the opening prayer I got completely choked up. Like had to pause before praying and I made it quick then I rushed into the youth room to finish the cry! Ha!

God is so good. He takes our work which sometimes feels small, and not enough and crazy and then He makes it into something completely amazing. He is going to move in amazing ways this season. I cannot wait to see what all he does. And what I love most (but it's also a hard part) is that His work will continue through Upward long past this season.

So, I think Kristi talked about this last week maybe? (I could go back and look but hey, it's Thursday and I'm posting, just be happy with that!) Anyway, our theme for this season is What's Your Story? We kicked off the season with this amazing video I love it. I love how all of our stories are so unique and yet we are all in this journey together. We're going to explore this during the season and hopefully share some more of our stories together. Ultimately we want our fans to know that Jesus is the author of our lives and that no matter what our stories are He can rewrite them. And we will walk this great story TOGETHER!

Please continue to pray for this ministry. It is really such a blessing to be a part of. And if you know of anyone who would like to share parts of theri story with us please let us know!

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  1. Shannon, you and Kristi have done such a great job. I know you don't want the glory but I know He has to be pleased with the efforts the two have you have given! Someone told me they heard many positive comments about our church - how friendly everyone was and how much they liked the program. I think you efforts will cause many lives to be touched. Thank you for all you do :)