Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Ok.. without looking

"Many O Lord are the wonders you have done. The things you have planned for us, no one can imagine. Were I to tell and recount them they would be too many to declare" Psalm 40:5

ok. a bit of work to do.. but I definitely go the point. I have my verse in the kitchen since I'm in there so often! :)

Today I wanted to share a thankful list. I'm thankful for:
  • apples with peanut butter- (still trying to eat better!)
  • a great Upward meeting today. We are a part of such an awesome ministry
  • a good book. I started One Thousand Gifts the other day. I seriously don't have enough reading time in my life right now.
What are you thankful for? Working on some verses? Keep it up!

And... I have a question for you... I'd love to know among our readers how many attend our church (NWUMC) and who goes elsewhere. I'll enable posts so you all can comment even anonymously. Come on you lurkers... just give us a shout out! I have a few thoughts rolling around in my head but want to know where our readers are coming from.

Thanks Ladies!


  1. I do not go to NWUMC. I attend Vineyard Syracuse :)


  2. thank you- our two loyal readers/commenters! Come on everyone else! :)