Friday, October 30, 2009

One person's trash is another's treasure...

A few weeks ago my mom's family spent some time cleaning out my grandparents garage and basement. My grandpa, like my mom, enjoys saving thing...lots of things. I am not saying this is all bad...actually it isn't all bad when that means you can go back to your old bedroom and it's pretty much just how you left it, with all of your old things on the shelves and clothes in the closet.

But my grandparents are needing to start the declutter and organize process. I know that this was probably hard for my grandma but it was especially difficult for my Pap. He did a great job watching people carry his belongings out to take with them or to the trash bin. At first I wasn't sure how much work they would be able to get done because I figured he would have to tell a story about everything they uncovered.

The more I went through this experience and have thought of it since that weekend, I realized a direct link that these feelings have towards my relationship with Christ.

There are a lot of attitudes and feelings that I have neatly packaged in boxes and stacked on the shelves of my heart. Waiting until just the moment when I (for whatever ridiculous humanly reason) decide that I want to uncover them, blow the dust off, and experience them all over again. Most of what I have stored is trash that I want to get rid of, but some of them still seem important to me, just like some of those belongings did to my Pap.

The good news,
I have a Savior that wants it trash is His "treasure" because
it releases another piece of my heart and soul
for Him to fill.

But what things were gain to me, I have counted loss for Christ. Phil. 3:7

Thanks for being who you are, for your salvatin, forgiveness and mercy. I love your Word and know that it will restore my heart. May my life bring glory to Your Name. Amen

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