Thursday, October 1, 2009

On My Knees

Ok, we are in the middle of our Stepping Up Bible study. For those of you doing it, how is it going getting "down"? I wanted to share with you a bit of how my journey is going.

A few times, before starting the study, I would get on my bed, get myself all arranged and then realized I didn't do it. I contemplated just skipping that step but then Beth's words would come back to me "you'll need to get down before you can go up". So on the floor I would go.

Sometimes, it's just a few minutes. Sometimes it's longer. Last week on a especially stressful day, I just breathed my prayers to Him. "Lord, I have this and this and this today... and this... and this... and I need you for it all" On a few days I had some strong burdens for a couple of good friends and I spent time talking to God about their needs.

What am I finding about this specified time on my knees? I am learning that it's making me VERY aware of how much I need him every day. I wake up in the mornings, and breathe out a prayer to Him. My worship in church is richer- a true prayer for Him. My willingness to take my burdens and hurts to him is so much more.

All in all. I love it. I want to incorporate it into my EVERY day prayer life, not just for this study. I'm also using my little photo album again. When I find a verse that speaks to me I'm writing it down on an index card and then putting it into a small photo album where I can flip to it when I need it.

This last week it was this verse for me:
You hem me in-behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me Ps. 139:5

Someone in our class shared this verse two weeks ago (thanks B!) and it was great, but when we got to it in our study this last week- it hit me. When someone is hurting, sad... what do we do when we have no words to comfort? We just touch them-a hug or a hand on their shoulder. Envisioning the Maker of ALL putting his hand upon me brought me to tears. It was a great time of healing for me. He IS with us friends. Walking this journey with us every day.

So... on my knees and in His word. That's where I am right now. What about you?

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