Saturday, October 17, 2009

Total Excitement

Tonight is guys/girls night for The U! I am so excited!!!!

I spent the day cleaning my house and preparing to host the girls. I am like a teenager. I get so excited when I know that I get to spend time with the girls and female leaders from The U. We have so much fun together and laugh a lot.

Working with the youth staff at NWUMC has been an awesome experience. I have made many life-long friends, traveled the US, served alongside them, prayed with them, watched kids grow, pulled some shenanigans, and have truly been blessed.

Youth ministry is something I have been involved with for over 11 years. I am humbled that God chose me to be involved in the lives of so many teens. It is amazing and I have been changed because of it.

I encourage you all to find a ministry that you can be involved in. God did not make us to sit on our rumps and watch the world go by or let others do the ministry. He specifically calls us to get out there and do something. If you seek out
HIS direction, I hope that you can experience the "total excitement" of being in ministry.

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