Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stop and Sit a Spell

We had it all planned. A trip to Grandma's in Indy for the weekend and then we were headed down to Brown County for three days. We've never been to Brown County but I've been looking forward to going for a long time! We were excited about the leaves, hiking with G at the park, and going to the town of Nashville and going through all the cute shops (ok, I was probably the one excited there. Shane- not so much!). I was thrilled that my husband was taking some much needed time off of work and we were getting away.

The first part went wonderfully. We had a great time visiting Shane's mom. We spent time with his brother's family. We watched some tv while Grandma played with G. (before you think we are lazy.... we don't have cable so going to Grandma's is a treat!) and then it happened.... it started with a little runny nose, then a cranky baby.... then we realized that G had a full fledged cold.

We decided to stay at his mom's an extra day and see how she felt the next. We all literally spent that day in pajamas. Between the three of us, there were 5 naps had. We got our sleeping bags out and zipped them together and watched movies inside them. I read a book and took a bath.

The next day... no change. So it was another day at home for us. I was at first very disappointed. I took time away from responsibilities and commitments to go to Brown County but not to lay around all day. But as that day wore on, I realized that this was exactly the vacation we needed. Doing NOTHING but not being home where there is always SOMETHING to be done. We didn't rush around visiting new sites or spend our time hiking or being outdoors but it was instead a time where we were forced to just "be" I was able to spend some great time with God. We needed to be sidelined for a day or two just to relax. And Grace needed that time to recover.

I am so good at planning life... I have it all figured out and need it to go exactly how I've planned it. This week was a great lesson to me that I am not in control but SOMEONE so much more capable than me is. Thank you Lord that you have a plan for me. Thank you for the best family vacation (minus the sick child part!) that was better than we could have planned. Than you for knowing just what we need.

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  1. He knew exactly what He was doing by blessing Grace with that cold. I'm happy you are able to appreciate the change in plans.
    maybe some other time....