Friday, October 23, 2009

Prayer Update

Pat is in Ohio to visit with Linda and be with her family. I got a text from her earlier that said,

"She knew who I was. Squeezed my hand!"
What an awesome answer to prayers!? I know that the road is still a long one but this is just the kind of news we wanted! I thank you all for responding so quickly with prayers. Linda certainly can still use them, as well as Pat and her family.
***UPDATE: I talked to Pat shortly after posting this and she said that they took Linda off the ventilator this afternoon. She was doing well breathing on her own so far! Praise GOD! Also, and this is so exciting...a few times as the family was talking to her she would mouth words to them. When her daughter was leaving she told her that she and her kids loved her and Linda mouthed the word love. God is so good! I am praising Him again tonight for showing His awesome Healing Power, and that His will would continue to be done. YAY!
We thank you and praise you for the healing you have done in Linda's body. We know that you are still in the business of healing, what an awesome God you are. Thanks for revealing your power through her brief moments of response. I thank you for giving the family the blessing of time together and ask that you be with them. Keep them all safe as they travel to and from the hospital, keep the people near Linda away from the various sicky bugs that are going around and may they find rest in you. I ask especially that you continue to heal Linda's brain and that she would continue to grow stronger. Be with the doctors and nurses that are caring for her. May your will continue to be done in her life, in all of our lives. Amen

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  1. That's such great news! God is so good. I, too, pray he'll continue to heal as he has already made great progress with her.
    So awesome!