Thursday, October 15, 2009

Prayer Update

I wasn't sure how to give this update. I wanted people to see it but wanted people to read Shan's post too. So, if you didn't read her awesome post yet...DO IT! And then hit your knees for Linda.

An update for prayers:
Linda is being given less pain medication, so that she can be more responsive to the doctors. This way they will be able to see more details on what effect the accident has had on her brain. Of course this also has to be incredibly hard for her as I can't imagine the pain. I know it would be difficult to see a family member suffer as well. She is still on a ventilator although she has been taking most breaths on her own. Hopefully this will be removed by the weekend. I cannot even count how many times I have said this but the truth is incredible to me. I can't imagine what that must feel like, my family and friends are so important to me. And I know that Linda is that important to Pat and the rest of her family too. Please pray for continued healing in Linda's body. For knowledge and wisdom of treatment for the doctors and nurses. And for peace of mind, strength and courage for Pat and her family. I know that God is there, we are praying for a miracle. Praying that Linda would come from this place just as vibrant, and lively as she was before. May God Bless them!

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